Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Nonsport Hologram-y-ness

So as a change of pace, I thought I would show two random cards I found in a box of otherwise bland, boring 90s baseball.

First, is this...

This one is a little hard to see but is spectacular in person.  For those that can't make it out, it's a hologram (hololithogram to be exact) of Spiderman putting a boot to the solar plexis of Venom.  The image looks awesome in the right light.  If you hold it just right, it seems like Venom's shoulder and Spidey's head are coming out of the card.  Really, freakin' cool.

The back is completely black so all the information has to be obtained from the front.  This is from the 1993 Marvel set produced by Skybox.  It says Marvel Universe Series IV under the picture.  It is numbered H-IV.  I found four different "versions" of this card on the Bay.  There seems to be a Red, Orange (Gold), Green, and Blue version, with the Blue commanding a premium $120-130 asking price and the Red at about $100.  The others seem to be consistent at around $25-35.  Seems like a ton for this card but again, it's pretty freakin' good looking.

I found a completed auction for all 4 for $220.  Amazing!  I can't tell which one I have.  In certain light it looks Gold, in another Green, and if I turn it just the right way, it looks Red.  Who knows.

The second card...

This one you can see a little better.  It is a 1991 Impel 25th Anniversary Star Trek Hologram numbered H1.  The card is pretty self explanatory, featuring the Starship Enterprise flying over a planet (presumably Earth) and the logo on the bottom right.  On the back, it says "The Birth Of A Legend" and goes on to describe a brief history of the series, including the fact that it was the first program to show a Russian and American working together, the first interracial kiss, and helped in naming the first space shuttle.

This one was all over the board.  You can find this one from $1 up to $15 with no auctions that I could find with closing bids.  Even still, it is a pretty cool looking card...although not as good as the Spidey Holo.


  1. I remember those Marvel holograms being highly sought after back in the day, I'm surprised they've held their value so well.

  2. I am positive that there was only one version of the Spidey vs. Venom hologram.

    I worked in a comic book store from 1991-1994, and every copy of that hologram I've seen looks the same. It changes color when you move it around.

    By the way, I got that card in a pack back in the day. I'm pretty sure it was one per case. I do remember the Spidey/Venom holo being hella hard to get, and selling for upwards of $75 back in the day.