Monday, December 20, 2010

Just for Kicks

Long before the 2010 World Cup took the collecting world by storm...Long before the most popular game in the world hooked many a blogger and regular old collector on World Cup Stickers and Soccer cards...Long before there were MLS teams and $250 Million contracts for players...there was Kyle Rote Jr's Superstar Soccer.

In case you were wondering, Kyle Rote Jr. is a former soccer player for the United States National team as well as the North American Soccer League.  He is in the Soccer Hall of Fame and apparently was pretty good.  I'm not writing a book report so if you want to find out more about him, Google it (I always wanted to say that).

At any rate, in 1976 a company called Bel-Art Adv., Inc. and their brand name Rainbo (Colonial), produced a 50-card set of soccer cards featuring the great Kyle Rote Jr.  The set, known as the Superstar Soccer set, was sponsored by the NASL.  Or at least mine were.  Apparently there are some other variations of this set that have different branding but are all essentially the same photos on the front and wording on the back.

The cards feature a yellow border around the cards and have the heading on the top that says "Kyle Rote, Jr. Says...'Try This'" or "Watch For".  They feature a sketch drawing featuring some soccer skill, move, or play and have a picture of Kyle floating on the top in a star.  On the bottom, there is a description describing what is going on in the picture.  The backs (which I have no scan) feature a write up about the play or trick that is being taught as well as a descriptive drawing panel showing the steps involved in the play.  They are definitely something different.

I don't really have much more to say about them other than I have never seen them before.  I am by no means an expert on cards outside the realm of the big 4 sports but I can't recall coming across these before.  I found cards going for a buck or two each and complete sets being offered from anywhere between $5 to $ I'm guessing a 10 spot would be the roundabout price on a set of 50.  Not bad for a set over 30 years old...if you like soccer.

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  1. just wondering if you were able to sell these cards? I have 16 of the set to sell if someone is interested.