Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Random 8 (Episode 3)

Since the point of starting this blog was to showcase what was in this giant collection, I figured I better get on the stick.  So with that, I bring you another episode of The Random 8.  These are 8 cards pulled, at random, from a box that I may be currently going through.  Why 8?  Because that is how many fit comfortably on my scanning bed.  These can be anything, all sports, even non-sport.  I'll even attempt to comment.  Also, if I ever show anything you might want, let me know before it goes back to the garage or gets put up for sale.

(From left to right, Top to bottom)

1.  1998 Donruss Jeff Bagwell (Hit List) - I was always a fan of Jeff Bagwell.  The tandem of he and Craig Biggio was one of the best in baseball at the time.  Donruss again put out the Hit List set only in 1998, they included it in the regular issue of the set.  It looks like an insert but is sequentially numbered with the base cards.  Sadly, Bags can be found in the common boxes these days.   

2.   1997 Leaf Gary Sheffield (Legacy) - Again, another cool looking card that appears to be an insert but is not.  Leaf included the Legacy cards as regular set issued cards.  The set was broken up into two 200 card series so this one came out of Series II.  Sheff was another guy I always liked growing up and thought he was underrated as a player.  Unfortunately, like many of my childhood "heroes", he was no stranger to controversy and tarnished himself by making friends with good ole' Barry.  I think I lost respect for him somewhere between the racial comments he was making in almost every interview back in 2006 or 2007.  To think, for a while there, there was a slim chance that he could have suited up again this year. 

3. 1984 Donruss Kevin McReynolds RC - I'll admit that I hardly remember Kevin as a Padre.  He spent from 1983-1986 with San Diego and apparently wasn't horrible but not enough to keep him from being traded.  I remember him mostly as a Met (although he would play for the Royals later on).  If my recollection serves me correctly, Kevin was on a stolen base tear back in 1988.  He set the record for most SB's without being picked off.  In my little trading card circle which consisted of about 5 kids from the neighborhood, his cards were most definitely not "commons" at the time.  Afterall, he was better than Rickey Henderson according to one of my friends at the time.  If only...

4.  1987 Fleer Bo Jackson - This was the most sought after Bo Jackson card amongst the kids in my neighborhood.  That was until the 1990 Score "BO" card came out featuring the over the shoulder pads bat picture that has since become iconic.  I remember picking one of these up from a show at the Ramada Inn and being the envy of the neighborhood.  $20 was a lot to spend on one card back then.  I think I'd be lucky to get $2 for it now.  Funny how times change.  I guess I should have traded it for the Don Mattingly RC and Darryl Strawberry RC I was offered when I had the chance. 

5.  Skybox/Hoops Isaiah Rider - Here we have another fallen, waste of potential talent in Isaiah JR Rider.  I thought this guy was going to be huge.  After coming out of UNLV, he was drafted by the T-Wolves with the #5 pick overall.  But like most modern-era players, the quick jump from poor college athlete to filthy rich pro went to his head.  Drugs, legal problems, assault charges, and other distractions sent him on a downward spiral after just two seasons.  He was never the same after that.  I think he may actually hold the record for the most suspensions in the shortest amount of time.  You'd have to fact check me on that one though.

6.  Topps Gallery David Justice - I'm not 100% on this one anymore but I think this may be a promo sample.  Since I can't seem to find where I put this one, I will refrain from further comment. 

7.  1990 Donruss Harold Baines All Star (Variation B) - What random pile-o-junk would be complete without the obligatory 1990 Donruss card?  The answer...none.  Here we have Hammerin' Harold and his acknoledgment for being in the 1989 All Star Game.  But if you notice the former owner of the card's meticulous attention to detail, you will see the sticker that designates this as Variation B.  Wait for it.... It took me a minute or two after finding this to see the problem.  The line in the header of the card is going through the star instead of behind it.  That's it.  I hardly think this card was worth $20.00 for that, then or now, or ever for that matter (no offense to Mr. Baines.

8.  1987 KMart 25th Anniversary Brooks Robinson - Arguably one of the best 3rd basemen of all time, Brooks Robinson was one of many all time greats to be included in the 25th Anniversary set by Kmart back in 1987.  The set was manufactured by Topps and included a set of 33 glossy cards featuring "Stars of the Decades", meaning the 60s, 70s and 80s.  Also included was that ever popular stick of gum.  The cards were packaged in a box similar to a pack of playing cards.  Other stars included Hank Aaron, Roberto Clemente, Mickey Mantle, Wade Boggs, and George Brett.  I was actually shocked to see graded versions of some of these on Ebay going for $10-20.  Crazy.