Sunday, February 13, 2011

Random 8

I haven't been spending much time going through the garage haul lately.  With the weather, work, and other things, there just hasn't been the time. 

Since the point of starting this blog was to showcase what was in this giant collection, I figured I better get on the stick.  So with that, I bring you the Random 8.  These are 8 cards pulled, at random, from a box that I may be currently going through.  Why 8?  Because that is how many fit comfortably on my scanning bed.  These can be anything, all sports, even non-sport.  I'll even attempt to comment.  Also, if I ever show anything you might want, let me know before it goes back to the garage or gets put up for sale.

(left to right; top to bottom)

1.  1991 Impel Marketing, Inc., Marvel National Safe Kids Campaign Trading Card Treats; She-Hulk - Did you know that while driving her flying chartreuse convertible, She-Hulk must yield the right of way to passing pigeons as well as pedestrians?  No really, it says that on the back.  Seriously.

2.  1991 Pepsi Griffey's Set; Ken Griffey Jr. "Throwing from the outfield" #2 -   I remember seeing dealers selling these by the dozens back in the early 90s.  That was back when anyone with a camera and some funds for printing could make a card set.

3.  1993-94 Upper Deck Shawn Bradley #163 Rookie Card - Bradley was the 2nd pick overall by the 76ers in 1993.  I remember the big deal with Bradley, other than his shot blocking, was the fact that he only played his freshman year at BYU.  This is before the rash of post high school draft declarations that are rampant in the NBA today.  Bradley spent two years as a missionary before declaring for the draft.  He was a hair short of being elected to the Utah House of Representatives last fall.

4.  1993 Magic The Gathering "Castle" - Ooooohh! Look.  A Castle.  I never understood these things.  I didn't get the game, the cards, the lifestyle (yes, there was a lifestyle).  I guess it was just too complicated for me.

5.  1997 Lucasfilms Inc. Star Wars "Cloud City Engineer" - I have no problem with Star Wars on any scale but like the Magic card above, these are part of some kind of game that involves dice and cards and cloaks of invisibility and...I just don't get it.

6.  1992 Topps Stadium Club Troy Aikman #695 - This set was always one of my favorites.  I always liked the Skills Rating on the back that show how the player rates on a variety of stats.  Aikman has a 4.7 arm strength, 4.2 mobility rating, 4.6 leadership score, and 4.5 defensive read skill.  I can only assume the scale is out of 5.

7.  1991 Pro Set Walt Disney's Little Mermaid "Sebastien" Stand Up card #9 - You know if the Little Mermaid ever did become a real human, you know she would have cooked up this crab with some butter.  That's what I would have done.

8.  1995 Topps Vampirella Gallery Tall Format Dealer Promo card #P1 - According to the Vampirella Revealed website, this card is the same as card #19 in the set.  It has artwork by Jose Gonzalez and was included in the Vampirella Strikes #1 comic.  There were 6 of these in all.  As you can see by the card, it is a "tall-boy".  As you can also see, wherever she is, it's a little chilly.

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  1. My friend tried explaining the whole "Magic" thing to me. It's way too complicated for me, thankfully. I may be a nerd, but I have my limits. haha